Best Foods For Women

Not all women are created equal, but many foods can improve the health of many of women. Diets vary from age to location, even to cultural background. The female body is quite distinct from the male gender. There are particular things women should stay away from in regards to their diet than men. Women are physiologically quite different. The female body has unique hormones and cycles that make us a little different. Incorporate these foods into your diet that are universally good for women:

Sea food has incredible qualities – salmon is a powerhouse of a food. Salmon contains high fat content which is great for anti-inflammatory properties which can decrease your risk of dangerous diseases and even cancer by up to 25%. Salmon is also great for your hair and skin.

The famous Goddess Aphrodite is known for her connection to the apple. The apple represents youth, beauty, and love. A study conducted by Iowa Women’s Health found that eating an apple a day over a period of many years can greatly reduce the women’s risk of getting heart disease and cardiovascular disease. Also, they had lower amounts of abdominal fat which is a great addition if you ask me.

Oats are a great breakfast option and can boost your heart health. It’s affordable and possesses superlative qualities for your body. They’re a whole food, your skin will look better. Oatmeal promotes healthy skin overall and they’re great for eczema. It possesses zinc which can minimize your pores and purge toxins. It can help you feel fuller longer which can help stabilize your mood as a woman.

Coffee in moderation is good for women. One to two cups a day is a good amount. Skip the excessive cream and sugar because they can add inches to your waist line and cause your mood to fluctuate. Coffee can lower your risk of cancer – again be mindful of moderation. It can help lower your body fat and lower your risk for Parkinson’s.