How To Prevent Binging

Reema Abdullah | January 16th, 2021

Binge eating is a habit of consuming large amounts of food in one sitting and feeling that your eating is out of control. Some people commonly binge during holidays or celebrations. It’s ok to overeat every now and then, but if it’s a common occurrence that does raise some worry.

A common cause of binge eating is stress and anxiety. It can be used as a coping mechanism to alleviate these feelings. It can trigger an intense pleasure and even merge into an addiction. If you are suffering from binge eating you can overcome it.

Drink Enough Water
Often times hunger pains are actually an indicator of dehydration. Don’t reach for a soda or sports drink, stick to the old fashion water. Aim for 8 glasses per day.

Take It Easy On Yourself
Don’t judge yourself when if you have the urge to binge or even after you’ve binged. It’s about having self-compassion and asking yourself important questions to move forward rather than judging yourself. Ask yourself if you’re depriving yourself, not meeting your caloric intake for your activity levels, or stressing too much.

Don’t Skip Meals
If you find yourself skipping meals and binge eating, there may be a direct correlation between the two. Skipping meals can cause you to experience cravings which can lead into binge eating. Make sure you are eating healthy and fulfilling meals throughout the day that will leave you feeling satisfied.

Clear Out Your Cupboards
If you have endless temptation sitting at the accessibility of your fingertips it can be dangerous. Take in account what you have in your kitchen and cupboards. Get rid of anything that does lead you to feel good and benefit your body and mind. We all get cravings, there’s nothing wrong with that – but stocking your kitchen with poor options is a disservice to yourself.

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