The Weirdest Pieces of Sports Memorabilia

Andre Agassi’s Ponytail

Though younger fans will be more familiar with Agassi’s iconic bald look, there was a time when he sported one of the most impressive manes in all of sports. His hair was long and flowy, easily extending to his shoulders. It was his identity and a source of embarrassment, as it turned out to be a wig to hide his balding.

That didn’t keep someone from paying an undisclosed amount of money for his hair. When he finally made the decision to just chop it all off instead of hide it, it was auctioned and allegedly sold to the Official All Star Café on Times Square by Planet Hollywood. The restaurant had it on display along with other sports items such as one of Shaq’s destroyed backboards until it shuttered in 2007. Maybe the follicle purchase ultimately put the store under.