Cultivating Dedication

You’ve grown up watching movie stars win golden awards, athletes obtaining shining trophies, and scientific geniuses launching the newest technology for an anxiously awaiting crowd. What separates these over achievers from people like me and you? Maybe they were just born with it, or had a rich family. Who knows, they could even have some life cheat code denied from ordinary folks like me and you – delivered to them as a birth right to seek their everlasting glory!

What a vast majority might deem as luck or good fortune is actually due to a combination of elements, dedication being one of them. Whether you want to get your health on track or run a marathon, dedication plays a role in the successful acquisition of your desires. Indeed, fortune favors the prepared and the dedicated.

In a society that constantly instills a “instant gratification” mentality – dedication to anything can seem like an overtly taxing affair. Long are the days when an individual had to milk a cow for their cereal. Although we are thankful for modern technology’s ability to ease our lives, we can’t help but think of the value lost in dedicating time and effort to a single endeavor. Hard work seems like an archaic ideology of times long gone.

Dedication is a quality. It’s an individual who is single-mindedly committed to a single task or purpose. Like an arrow, once shot forth cannot go backwards on its trajectory.

Allow yourself to dream big and find meaning within yourself. What vision do you have for yourself and always wanted to achieve? Forget the limitation of society and familial expectations for a second. Take 15 to 20 minutes just contemplating and thinking of a goal you wish to achieve and write it down.

Once you write it down, research what it takes to accomplish this goal. Seek out individuals who have accomplished the same goal or one similar. Gather information and real-world examples for your own benefit. Ideate how you can apply these to your life.

Plan A Routine
A routine is a ritual that sets you up for success. Without a lifestyle change, you will continue to be where you are. It could be as simple as waking up 2 hours earlier to dedicate time for your goal. Monitor your day and look at habits and poor routines you can swap out for habits that will take you closer to your vision.