Meal Prep 101

The majority of the results you will see in regards to health and fitness will be due to your diet. It’s vital to maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet because it will make a considerable difference in your goals. Meal prepping is the act of preparing your meals in advance so you’re less susceptible to pick up fast food or a quick junk food fix for your hunger. Meal prepping is rather easy if it’s done right. You can prep a few meals out of your day or all the meals you consume per day, it all depends on your preference.

1. Plan your meals
Take one or two days out of the week to plan your meals. Preferably, choose a weekend or a free day that you have. You can plan all of your meals or just your lunch and dinner meals. Pick what dishes you would like to eat for the days you will prep. You can get inspirations from the internet or your friends and family.

2. Make a list
Start by getting a notebook and making a list of the ingredients and supplies you will need to create your meals. Be sure to include items like fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and complex carbs. Be sure to include any containers you will need to store the food.

3. Cook the meals
Set aside a couple hours to prepare the meals. Prep all of your ingredients first and then begin the cooking process. Cook all of your meals and place them in the storage containers you have.

4. Store your food
Make sure to label them with the date they were made and place them in the refrigerator. Be mindful of dates since it can be harmful for your body to consume older food.

Switch it up! Don’t stick to the same foods. Try a new vegetable and fruit combination every week. Swap out your brown rice for quinoa. The key to success is to keep things interesting by changing the variety slightly from week to week. You don’t want to make it too overwhelming for yourself., but you want to avoid the easy trap of boredom you can fall into with your meals.