Top 7 Gym Etiquette Tips

The gym is a place to unwind, let off some steam, and work on yourself. It’s a shared space, there are certain etiquette tips each member should follow to keep the facility running smoothly. Afterall, you don’t want to be ‘that’ person at the gym.

Tip 1: Unload your weights
There’s nothing worse than preparing to perform a lift and realizing the bar has an astronomical amount of weight on each side. You’re going to have to begrudgingly lug back to its place. It can really kill your flow and have you winded before you do the exercise! Always put the weights back where they belong.

Tip 2: Clean up
It’s no secret that you get rather sweaty at the gym. It’s important to wipe down the equipment for others. Typically, there are sanitary tissues available for that purpose. Don’t skip out on cleaning the equipment you were using and jumping on to the next machine.

Tip 3: Be mindful
Try not to occupy two areas at once or have your items spread out all around you. The gym is a shared space, keep your items beside you.

Tip 4: Don’t dominate the equipment
You shouldn’t be sitting on any piece of equipment for an extended period of time, especially during busy hours. Don’t hog the machines, it’s more than likely others want to use them.

Tip 5: Put your phone down
The gym is a place to be active and in touch with your body. There’s no reason for your face to be glued to your phone screen – you can do that once you leave the gym! Fitness is about being present in your body, don’t walk around like a digital zombie.

Tip 6: Stop slamming weights
If you can’t perform repetitions of an exercise without slamming the weights down, then they might be too heavy for you. You should be in control as you lift otherwise you may risk injuring yourself.

Tip 7: Be friendly
Smile! Most people at the gym are rather friendly, and you already have something in common with them! Positive energy and a great atmosphere will propel you even closer to reaching your health & fitness goals.