4 Tips To Get Abs

Defined abs are a goal almost everyone has had at some point in their health and fitness journey. Abs take hard work and dedication to achieve, but they’re not impossible. It’s important to think of the reasons why you want abs. Your why factor is very important to achieve your goals. If you want to look good in your bikini on the beach or you simply want to reach a new level of fitness, your why will drive you to achieve those sculpted abs. Getting abs is a combination of a healthy diet and consistent exercise. Utilize these tips to achieve abs:


1. Up your protein intake
High protein diet results in more fast loss than the typical diet. High protein meals can increase the feeling of fullness and satisfaction after consumption. If you’re working out often to achieve abs, protein will help repair and rebuild your muscles for better recovery. Stick to lean and vegetable sources of protein.

2. Consistent cardio
You must do some aerobic exercise to get abs. You should be doing cardio each day for at least 20 minutes to an hour. Doing cardio can reduce belly fat when it’s done consistently. Excellent forms of cardio are running, swimming, walking, jogging, jump roping, and high intensity cardio.

3. Establish an ab routine
On top of your healthy eating and consistent exercise routine, you should add an ab routine that will work your core. You want to pick ab workouts that will work your entire body like plank, bridges, and bicycle crunches.

4. Rest
Rest is very important. Giving your body time to rest is essential for recovery. You should be sleeping 7 to 9 hours per night. You should take a day off from training once a week.