6 Gym Bag Essentials

Life gets hectic at times; you may find yourself rushing from point A to B throughout the day. Fitting in a workout can get tough on those busy days, especially when you can only spare 30 minutes to an hour of your time. If you are traveling or have a break from work, a well packed gym bag can make a big difference. Your gym bag should always be ready to go, the list below will make your preparation a lot easier.


Item 1: Tennis Shoes
This may seem like a no brainer, but there are a few times I’ve arrived at the gym during a lunch break on a busy work day only to realize I’m armed with a pair of heels to tackle the stair master. Situations like these are not ideal!

Item 2: Workout Clothing
It’s easy to forget one small article of clothing, but it could throw your entire routine off. Your clothing checklist should include:
- Fresh Socks
- Clean underwear
- Sports bra (if applicable)
- Workout pants or shorts
- Workout top
- Hair ties or head bands
- Towel

Item 3: Headphones
Unless you want your workout soundtrack to be the excessive grunting from a bench nearby, it would be best to pack headphones. Having the right music can get you through the toughest workout. Create a gym music playlist or prepare an entertaining podcast to listen to as you exercise.

Item 4: Water Bottle
Hydration is key at the gym. Hopefully, your workouts get you fairly sweaty. Excessive sweating leads to dehydration which may make you feel dizzy or extremely hot. You should be drinking water during and after your workout routine.

Item 5: Healthy Snack
It’s common to feel famished after a workout. When you’re on the go, there is nothing you will appreciate more than a readily available snack. Healthy snacks such as almonds, hardboiled eggs, protein bars, or bananas come in very handy after the gym.

Item 6: Notepad & Pen
It’s important to set realistic and attainable fitness goals if you want to see improvement in your physique or health. Unfortunately, your dream body won’t manifest itself on accident. The only way to achieve your goal is to make sure you are measuring your progress. You should establish metrics to measure your growth and judge which areas you can improve or have improved in. A notepad and pen can help you track your advancements at the gym. Take note of metrics like your body weight, body fat percentage, body measurements, and what you did for the workout session.