Boost Your Confidence, Boost Your Health

Physiology effects how you feel. How you feel effects how others perceive you and the consequent actions you take in your life. Often times, we separate emotional well-being from physical well-being in western medical practice. Eastern medicine - particularly China - has linked major negative emotions to issues with different body parts such as your stomach, kidneys, spleen, lungs, and large intestine.

Actually, fatal diseases such as cancer have a link to emotional health. Positive emotions create positive physiological outputs while negative emotions incur a myriad of health issues and concerns. Many forward thinking and progressive physicians emphasize positive emotional health because it is in synthesis with your physical health.

Negative feelings like depression, anxiety, distress, and prolonged anger can wreak havoc on your body. From time to time, we all hit emotional lows due to circumstances life presents us with. It’s not fatal to feel negative emotions from time to time - they can actually be used in a constructive with a little mindfulness. When negative emotions last for prolonged periods, you can face major health risks.

1. Improve your posture
How you carry yourself directly impacts how you feel. Try slouching forward with your shoulders hunched over and your head hanging low. Take note of how you feel. Probably not the most confident, right?
Now try standing or sitting with your shoulders back, head leveled, chest open towards the world, and neck long and strong. There’s an instant change in how you perceive yourself, in turn there is also a change in how others perceive you.
Great leaders spend a considerable amount of time studying, practicing, and perfecting their posture.

2. Give yourself a pep-talk
Initially, you may feel awkward giving yourself a pep talk, but it’s of great benefit to you. If you have a sales presentation, big negotiation, or an event that can have your nerves jumping it will make a huge difference if you pull yourself aside and give yourself a positive talk for a few minutes. There’s a reason why a coach pumps up his players before the game – verbal bravado works.

3. Consume inspirational content
It can be a book, audiobook, or song. There’s no particular rule when it comes to what constitutes as inspirational material. Whatever gets you feeling inspired and pushes you to get into action towards your goals should be consumed regularly.

4. The Power Of Words
Notice how you speak to yourself and others. Words are like spells you cast into your life. Do you notice overtly negative people who complain often seem to attract negativity to them like magnets? Negative thoughts multiply.