Cardio: Quarantine Edition

Thinking of skipping cardio? Think again. Cardio is an essential part of any workout routine. It is the building block of any workout.

If you are trying to lose a bit of extra weight – cardio can play a big role in your results.

Running Up Hills:
Running up a hill is not just for sprinters and athletes. You too can utilize nature and the great outdoors as your personal gym. Running up the hill can build muscle and running down the hill can be a great source of resistance for your workout. The key is to pick a good hill, you don’t want to a hill that is to steep but you still want to challenge yourself.

You burn more calories as you are running up the hill and you can use the down hill portion as the cool-down. Adding hills to your routine is a great way to add a fat-burning element to your exercises.

Have you seen the physique of sprinters? They are toned and muscular. Pick an empty soccer field or find a track nearby. Sprints are not an exercise that you need to do everyday due to their intensity, but you can sprinkle it in to your week. It is a great way to work your cardiovascular health, stamina, and endurance. It gives your metabolism a big boost.

Run Stairs
Running stairs is a great workout option because they can be found any where nearby, your local car garage or park. Running up stairs forces you to work against gravity. It causes you to increase your strength and power. It can accelerate your heart rate very rapidly. It’s a high intensity workout so it shouldn’t be done too often. If you have bad knees be extra careful and proceed with caution.