Fitness For Elders

The world of health and fitness is not strictly reserved for the young and youthful. It can play a large role in improving the health and wellness of elders. An elderly or old person is 65 years or older. There are approximately 47 million seniors currently living in the United States. Nearly 15% of Americans are 65 years or older. With the technological advancements in science and medicine, humans are now living longer than ever. It’s amazing that we are now able to spend longer time with the those that we love such as our grandparents and community members. As the old saying goes, “quality is greater than quantity.”

The quality of the years is more important than the length of the lifetime. Who wants to be old and riddled with aching joints, disease, and mind fog? That’s why it is so important to take care of your health at a young age, and to continue to do so in old age.

1. Swimming
Unlike other methods of exercise, swimming puts minimal stress on your joints and bones. It improves your cardiovascular health and strengthen your muscles.

2. Yoga
Yoga can improve flexibility and range of motion which is beneficial for elders. It also increases your strength.

3. Walking
Walking is great for the body and mind. A 30-minute walk per day can increase the cardiovascular health and boost your mood.

4. Body Weight Exercise
One of the dangers of old age is severe muscle loss. Strength training doesn’t require dumbbells or heavy weights, your body weight alone is enough. Exercises like squats, lunges, and pushups are great options to incorporate into your workout.