Healthy Heart 101

Your heart never stops working for you. Tirelessly, your heart beats on and on throughout your life – through good situations and bad. Sounds laborious, right? Yet, your heart manages to push through, hopefully with a little help from you. Many individuals forget that the heart too, could use a little attention. Taking the right steps to ensure heart health is key to aging effortlessly. Afterall, every single one of us deserves to be free of disease. A healthy heart is a gift. Your heart is the most important muscle in your body, it provides your organs with blood and oxygen. Plaque is the enemy of your heart. It slowly globs up and clogs your arteries, which are like pathways inside the body. Arteries are the blood vessels that deliver oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the tissues of the body.

Clench your fist, that is the size of your heart. Your heart even has an electrical rhythm, it contracts to a smooth beat. Your heartbeat or pulse is the rate at which your heart pumps.

High blood pressure is common with old age. It can increase the risk of advanced aging rate. There is either good or bad cholesterol:

Bad cholesterol:
Increases risk of artery-blocking plaque

Good cholesterol:
Removes bad plaque from the arteries

When there is more bad cholesterol than good cholesterol within your body, it can cause heart disease.

How To Keep A Healthy Heart:

- Don’t smoke
Tobacco is terrible for your heart, including chewing Tabaco. Remaining smoke free ensures a healthier heart than smoking.

- Remain physically active
Try walking every day for an hour. It’s important to get physical activity every single day, with the intensity levels varying from day to day. Jogging, running, and swimming for 30 minutes to an hour at least 4 days a week is good for the heart.

- Drop to a healthy weight
Each one of us has a health weight and BMI for their body type. Remaining lower on the fat percentage is key to a healthy heart. Too much fat on the body indicates too much indulgence and not enough physical activity which can be laborious task for the heart.

- Avoid the “junk” diet early on
Just because you are in your teens, 20s, or early 30s does not leave you out of being conscious of your lifestyle for the sake of your hearth health. Cut out the terrible junk diet that is popular due to the increase of fast-food chains and trends towards eating out. Prepare your own meals rather than opt for high calorie, low-nutrient alternatives. The problem with most fast-food and dining-out options is that they tend to focus on taste rather than health.