How To: Bring Back Your Motivation

Motivation to remain healthy and in shape can seem difficult at times. It is vital to remain consistent and persistent in your endeavors. Motivation can seem like a fickle lover, coming and going when it pleases.

The secret to bring back your motivation is to treat it like a permanent fixture of your life that you must work on. You’re never done improving. Treat motivation like a muscle, it must constantly be flexed and exercised in order to develop. Once it’s developed, the work is not over – you must constantly maintain it or else risk losing it.

1. Set Small Goals
Rome was not built in a day. One problem people experience is setting goals that are too great. Write down a list of your goals and slowly break them into small chunks. The more manageable the goal is the more likely you are to achieve it. When you achieve these small goals, you will build confidence.

2. Stay Positive
Each individual has a different definition of remaining positive. A good attitude is one of the biggest benefits in life. No matter what you may be experiencing, maintaining positivity is essential. Each day, write down a list of what you’re grateful for.

3. Set Breaks
Set breaks in your day or week for when you accomplish your goal. It can be anything you feel strongly and passionately about. Setting proper rewards at the right times can be a great way to condition yourself to accomplish and then receive awards.

4. Regularly Review Your Goals
Keep a notebook where you regularly review your goals and progress. Set specific goals and write actions that can bring you closer to accomplishing the goals. Continually renew new goals to fit your lifestyle.