How To Gain Mental Clarity

Today we are faced with so many pieces of information and news that are fighting for our attention. It can really take a mental and emotional toll on you if you’re not careful. It is important to guard your mind against stress, anxiety, and worry. These mental ailments can manifest themselves into physical troubles.

1. Accept it
Rather than fight and struggle against the tide, why don’t you just go with it? Life may place uncontrollable circumstances in your way. You shouldn’t let that stop you in your tracks, or even worse, create a state of resistance. Accepting your current situation doesn’t mean you’re ok with being in it permanently, it just means you have stopped fighting against it and started to look for ways you can leverage the circumstances to your benefit. A great example is COVID19, not many saw that coming.

2. Hack your mind
Have you ever noticed if you’re playing a game where you must spot the blue car or the red car, they start to become much more noticeable? What you give your attention to multiplies in your life. Be very careful and selective about what you choose to focus on. It can cost you a lot. If you’re in a tough situation, try your best to pick out the positives.

3. Build a lifestyle you’re proud of
Each decision you make you will suffer consequences. If you choose to eat fast food for 75% of your meals, you suffer from having a subpar physique and poor health. On the flip side of that coin, if you choose to wake up early and meal prep you suffer from being tired and putting in hours of your time but the pay off is better. You will suffer either way, choose which type you want.

4. Set goals you care about
Forget Instagram, Facebook, twitter. Forget about what your friends are doing and what your parents think you should do. Forget about the news and the media. Take a moment in silence each day and think about the type of life you truly desire to create for yourself.