How To Meet Your Goals In 2020

The New Year has just rolled in and with the start of 2020 comes new possibilities, goals, and endeavors. There is nothing like the start of a new year to renew your motivation, drive, and zest for life. While the New Year brings so much potential and opportunities for growth and abundance - it also creates traps many people have a tendency to fall into again and again. How many of your 2019 goals are recycled into 2020? The ideal answer would be none, but even the best of us fall short at times. Whether your goals and New Year’s resolutions are pertaining to health, fitness, relationships, or career - there are a few tips you can apply to hit your mark in any of these areas. You can take these pointers and apply them to any area of your life!

1. Create Healthy Habits
Habits are the building blocks of which success is formed. Healthy habits aren't just a once a week or couple times a month type of deal. It is an everyday act that will take you closer and closer to your end goal.

2. Accountability Partner
There is nothing better than having a friend who is striving to meet their goals and dreams as you are. You can both mutually benefit each other by checking in on a daily or weekly basis to discuss what you accomplished, missed, or could have done better. An accountability partner does exactly what the title implies - holds you accountable.

3. Keep A Planner
Writing is one of the best tools to keep you on track and in motion towards your end goal. Keep a 2020 planner where you plan your goals and activities for each month. Take it a step further by breaking down the daily actions you must take to accomplish your goals for the day.

4. Reflect
At the end of each day or week, reflect on what you did that made you feel good and accomplished versus the actions that inspired negative emotions inside of you. This is an excellent method to give you an idea of what actions benefit you in the long run and pin point those that take you further from your goal.