Hot Topic: Whole Body Vibration Machine

There is more to fitness and health than what is marketed and recommended to us in advertisements you may see on the TV or internet. There is a whole world of alternative methods of fitness and health that can be just as effective to your body as typical exercise. Have you heard of whole body vibration? Don't be alarmed if you haven't - it is not as well-known as the tradition methods of weight loss and muscle strengthening techniques. But, it is causing a bit of a stir in the fitness and health community.

How it works is fairly simple. When you are running, jumping, or walking there is some level of vibration that is occurring. These vibrations aid your body in burning calories and increasing overall muscle strength. A whole body vibration machine works in a similar way. It allows your entire body to vibrate for the duration you use the machine.

To use a whole body vibration machine, simply step onto the platform and allow the machine to vibrate at different levels. Vibrations occurring from the machine allow energy to transmit through your entire body. Your muscles will contract and relax multiple times during the duration you are on the machine. You can stretch or perform squats with a kettle bell on a whole body vibration machine. Once you hop off, you feel as if you have been physically exerting yourself. Check in with your doctor before attempting to use a whole body vibration machine.

- Low impact alternative to running and jumping
- Less stress on joints
- Activates entire body
- Accelerate weight loss
- Improve muscle tone
- Improves circulation
- Aid in lymphatic drainage

- May be detrimental if you have certain health conditions
- Prolonged exposure may be harmful to you