How To Practice Self-Love

Self-love is a key ingredient in success and belief in yourself. With the first month of the new year slowly coming to a close, it is important to practice self-love. It will allow you to accomplish your goals at a quicker rate. School has taught us to memorize historical facts, formulas, and elements on the periodic table – but it has failed to teach us one of the most important factors that will affect you every day for the rest of your life. The love you have for yourself cannot be empirically measured – it is felt and experienced. The richness you contain within yourself will manifest into your physical reality. If you have embarked on a weight loss journey, it’s vital to be kind to yourself.

What exactly is self-love? It’s your ability to show compassion, patience, and understanding for yourself. Here are a few simple tips to incorporate self-love into your life:

1. Accept yourself as you are
Desiring positive change in your physical appearance or any aspect of your life does not give you the right to discredit, hate, and belittle yourself as you are. Accept who you are, and embrace the change of who you will be tomorrow. Your focus should be upon the actions that will take you to your desired outcome not on negative emotions.

2. Be Selfish
Believe it or not, being selfish is not a bad thing. Selfishness encompasses putting yourself first. Why wouldn’t you put yourself first? After all, we are all responsible for our own lives, attitudes, and future. You can still be a giving, compassionate, and kind person while being selfish. It is an illusion to put anyone before yourself.

3. Positive self-talk
Research studies show that the molecular structure of water changes depending on the nature of the words spoken to the water. Humans are comprised of more than 60% water; words have power over you. The way you speak to yourself is just as important as the actions you take to better yourself. Thoughts composed in your mind lead to actions, negative thoughts can lead to chaos and self-sabotage.
4. Actualize yourself
Each individual has a desire and a personal calling embedded deep within them like a computer code. No individual outside of yourself can truly understand the depth and magnitude of your dreams. It’s like seeing a wisp of smoke caused by a great fire in the far distance. So, don’t look for approval or acceptance outside of yourself – not everyone will understand your vision. There is a reason your vision was given to you and not anyone else.

5. Eat a healthy diet
If your diet is filled with junk food, empty calories, and nutrient deprived food sources you cannot reach self-love. Self-love is not just an internal practice; it exists in the physical realm as well. Start incorporating vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats, and protein sources into your diet. You will notice a significant change in how you look and feel.