Shed The Last Ten

The last 10 pounds can be the most challenging to shed. But you have come this far and there is no reason to stop now! It can demand many things of you that the previous pounds did not. You may have to change up your exercise routine and eating habits – but it is worth it for the results. Exercise and careful meal planning have gotten you this far, you think to yourself, what do I have to do now? Try incorporating some of the tips below to lose the last pounds of fat clinging to your body.

Reset Your Leptin
Leptin communicates with your brain. It is responsible for slowing down and speeding up your metabolism. As you get leaner further into your fitness journey, leptin communicates less with your brain. Your brain will put on the breaks and preserve some of the body fat still on your body. So you will need to spike your leptin.

Spike your leptin with a low-fat low-glycemic carbohydrate meal. All you need is one or two meals with good carbs per day.

Start New
The last 10 pounds need to be treated completely different from anything you’ve done before. Whether you’re doing keto, intermittent fasting, or paleo you need to switch it up and be strict with it. Only change one thing at a time, don’t go in as a last-ditch effort to change your diet, exercise, and supplements all at once. Start small, make a change to your diet and worry about the exercise later.

Add The Exercise
Once you feel comfortable with your diet and you’ve got it down, it’s time to add in some exercise. Start slowly by adding in high intensity cardio a few times per week. Getting down to the last ten pounds comes down to getting very granular.