Top 5 Fitness Misconceptions

#1: Weightlifting Will Make You Bulky

There are many individuals who strictly stick to cardio under the impression that lifting weights a few times a week will turn you into Rambo. This is very far from the truth! It takes a lot of effort and diet monitoring to significantly increase mass. Light to moderate weightlifting is great for the body. Strengthening your body by lifting weights can help increase calorie burn and stimulate muscle growth. Combining cardio and weightlifting is an excellent balance at the gym. After all, you do need cardio.

#2: You Can Spot Reduce Fat

For some reason, there’s the misconception that you can choose which area to target fat loss on your body. As regretful as I am to inform you, it’s simply not possible to spot reduce fat. The lower stomach and love handles are an area of great concern for many individuals. If you remain consistent with exercising and maintaining a healthy diet, those stubborn areas will surely shrink with time.

#3: You Just Want To “Tone” Up

A toned body usually refers to the appearance of a muscular and lean figure. Saying you want to “tone” up is a fancy and convoluted way of saying you want to become leaner by reducing excessive amounts of body fat and increasing overall muscle mass. The results of “toning” will be achieved through traditional methods of exercising, drinking water, and eating healthy.

#4: Cutting Carbohydrates

There are countless diets that claim to offer immense health benefits and induce weight loss by going low carb or cutting them out completely. Be wary of any diet or eating plan that cuts out an entire food group. When you cut out entire food groups, you also cut out the nutrients and benefits they offer. Your body needs carbs for energy. Carbs are excellent for mental focus, digestion, and a healthy central nervous system. Bananas, quinoa, sweet potatoes, legumes, and brown rice are examples of healthy carbs.

#5: You have to count calories

Unless you’re a serious athlete or currently competing for a fitness competition, there’s no need to count calories to reach your health and fitness goals. It’s unnatural and obsessive to track every single food parcel, it could be damaging to your mental state. It can even turn into very restrictive dieting. Instead, focus on creating a long-lasting and sustainable lifestyle. Swap out processed and high sodium foods for organic, nutrient rich sources. Don’t take the fun out of eating!