Ultimate Fat Loss Weapon

If you have struggled to shed stubborn fat, intermittent fasting could be the remedy for your situation. The market is filled with endless meal plans, diets, and techniques that make big claims. Intermittent fasting can be a great tool for weight loss, blood sugar control, blood pressure control, and improving heart health. You can start by picking a time in which you wish to have your eating window and fasting window. For example, you can choose your eating window to be 8 hours and fasting window to be 16 hours. It is best to select a window in which you are highly active. For instance, if you work a 9 to 5 it would be best to choose an eating window during those working hours to avoid fatigue. Based on a 7-day week, you can fast 2 days out of the week when you are restricting your calories and 5 days out of the week eat clean and regularly.


What You Will Need:
You should be mindful to consume high amounts of water while you are fasting to avoid dehydration. You can also drink black coffee or tea. Consume high fiber foods such as nuts, beans, fruits, vegetables, and high protein foods. The high protein foods include lean meats, fish tofu, and nuts. You can have all of this during your eating window.

Be sure not to add sweeteners and sugar into your beverages. The only acceptable additions would be lemon to your water.

Mind Your Portions
During the eating window, it’s vital to be aware of the size of your portions. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of intermittent fasting.

In order to retain your muscle mass, you can do light physical activity with weights. Cardio is also good to incorporate into your day; 15 to 30 minutes will suffice.

Breaking Your Fast1
You can break your fast to nutrient dense foods to ensure you’re hitting the nutrients you need in your diet. Don’t choose this as a time to indulge in unhealthy foods, it can regress your results.