Worst Health Mistakes

You can learn a lot from mistakes. After all, they are a part of life. Certain mistakes done again and again, can actually cost you your health, wellbeing and livelihood. Health is a topic endlessly being talked about – what you should eat, how long you should exercise, what time you should wake up. But what about all the things that you shouldn’t do, which are consistently being done without a second thought? Often times, it’s not what we do – but what we don’t do that makes all the difference.


1. Not drinking enough water
Water is a beverage that is the livelihood of the human race, plants, and animals on this planet. Beverages like Coco Cola, Pepsi, 7up, and other fizzy favorites have given water a run for its money. Although these beverages may be superior in taste, they perform poorly in health benefits compared to water.

2. Lack of plans to meet health goals
Without a plan, nothing great can be accomplished. Sure, planning isn’t everything but without a plan very little can be accomplished. Many people have an end result they want to achieve, but fail to create the action steps towards their end vision.

3. Poor posture
Poor posture is more common than you might believe. Straining your neck all day to browse on your smartphone or hunching your shoulders at your office cubicle can have a very negative impact on your spine. Check in with yourself throughout the day to be sure you are keeping your shoulders back, head leveled with the ground, and chest out.

4. Snooze button
The snooze button might be your favorite cellphone feature. Your body gets accustomed to a time to sleep and a time to wake up. If you’re attempting to wake up at an earlier time consistently, hitting the snooze button is going to move you further from your goal. Rather than hitting the snooze button, place your phone far away from your bed so you are forced to get up and be active to wake up.