4 Fitness Tips From The Experts

Whether you have been working out for many years or you just purchased a gym membership – you can learn a lot from the experts in the field that have experienced many trials and errors. One of the easiest ways to bypass the pitfalls and mistakes of fitness and health is to seek out mentors or experts that can be a shining light on your own path. The mentor or expert does not have to be in your immediate surroundings, the internet grants you endless opportunities to connect with a variety of colorful and skilled individuals.


1. Find a workout buddy
Going to the gym can get boring and repetitive after a while. Bringing a workout buddy to the gym is an excellent way to spice up your workout. It is also a great opportunity to learn new techniques and exercises from your buddy, and they will learn from you in return.

2. Book a morning class
The morning time is one of the best times to workout, especially if you partake in fasted cardio. You will feel energized and refreshed for your day, plus your body will be burning calories at a faster rate.

3. Don’t check your phone
Try not to fall into the trap of checking your phone between exercises. You want to keep your workout at a fast pace to ensure your burning an optimal amount of calories and getting the most out of your exercise. After all, you came all the way to the gym – focus on your workout!

4. Eat healthy
Nutrition is more than 80% of health and fitness. Without a proper diet, your training will not be as effective and you will not see the results you wish to see. Include complex carbs, fruits, veggies, protein, and healthy fats.