The Elements Of Will Power

Today, in our society of mental and physical health – emotions are greatly dwelled and reveled upon. There are countless therapists, mental health experts, and counselors widely available. Although expert mental health care is needed, many cases can be changed by how you think and how you act.

The word power stems from Latin, it translates to ‘be able.’ Similarly, will comes from Latin meaning, ‘to choose.’ Willpower: to choose to be able. Each decision you make is either a lower degree or higher degree of willpower. But it all begin with intention and choice.

Think of it like a ship at sea. Willpower poses as the controller of the sails. Winds of the sea are the circumstances life bestows upon us, and emotions are the sails of a boat. You wouldn’t leave it to chance to make it to your destination on waves of the sea by neglecting to adjust the sails that the winds bestowed upon your vessel. Rather, to be successful your sails must constantly be controlled and adjusted. If you are to be the captain of your own boat - of your own fate - your will power must exceed in degree and intensity over your emotions. Emotions are just sails you can learn to guide and control for your benefit.

Can’t Let Go
The biggest reasons some individuals cannot let go of their emotions and simply detach is because they are addicted to the negative train of thought. Thoughts multiply, therefor a negative thought will only increase the more it is dwelled upon.

Negative Emotions & The Physical Body
There is a saying that goes, “As above, so below.” Everything is connected. If there are internal ailments plaguing your psyche – they can manifest themselves as disease and illness in physical reality:

- Appetite loss
- Insomnia
- Shortness of breath
- Hair loss
- Weight Loss or weight gain

Preventative Measures
Strong willpower isn’t measured by the ability to get yourself out of a bad situation. Rather, it’s your ability to foresee possible issues and thinking 10 steps ahead.

Focus On The Solution
It is never too late to adjust your thoughts and feelings. The first step is awareness. Focusing on the solution rather than the problem will only magnify the problem. Rather, sit and think of multiple possible solutions to a single problem you face. This practice can increase your creativity and thinking ability.