4 Gym Accessories To Elevate Your Workout

Do you usually grab any of the following items when you’re heading to the gym: headphones, water bottle, or a protein shake. You might prefer to be a light traveler but adding a few more components to your gym bag will increase the effectiveness of your workout. After all, you are only at the gym for a certain window of time for specific days out of the week – it is essential to optimize your window of time. Luckily, listed below are a few items you can add to your next exercise routine.


1. Resistance Bands
Resistance bands are lightweight and convenient to carry along. They can be used for squats, hip thrusts, crab walks, and more. When your muscles are working against resistance, you’ll get a more effective workout.

2. Journal
A journal and pen to record your workout progress is very important. When you begin recording your workouts, you will start to see patterns of what works for you and what doesn’t. Write down how you feel on that day, what exercises you want to perform, sets, and repetitions. Review your journal once a week to take note of any tweaks you can make.

3. Ankle Weights
Ankle weights are convenient to pack and can be used for a versatile range of exercises. You can attach ankle weights before you perform lunges or donkey kickbacks. Adding more weight increases the resistance and helps build muscle.

4. Sweat Belt
Some form of cardio is vital for fat loss and overall aerobic health. If you’re doing cardio during your workout, a sweat belt can take your results to the next level. A sweat belt is typically wrapped around the waistline. The sweat belt increases the temperature of your core which results in your body producing more sweat. If you’ve been bloated or retaining water, the sweat belt is a great tool to shed off the water weight and reduce bloating.