5 Ways To Elevate Your Mindset

Mindset is everything. With a weak mindset, you will not be able to accomplish your goals. You will find yourself falling short of reaching them and becoming frustrated with yourself, and the cycle will repeat. There are plenty of articles that will tell you what exercises to perform, workouts to try, and diets to follow. What these articles fail to tell you: there is a mental component to achieving your dreams and goals. When you synthesize your actions, thoughts, and feelings – incredible things will happen for you. It’s a formula successful and affluent people have followed throughout history.


1. Commit
Follow through with your actions. Success is not a onetime action; it’s repeated and consistent actions that lead to results. It’s simple: you either make decisions that take you closer to your goal, or you make decisions that keep you stuck or even further from where you want to be. Be mindful of your choices.
Tip: If you find it hard to commit at first, try creating a reward system. For example, if you follow your meal plan and exercise for the day – schedule in a fun or delighting activity once the actions are completed.

2. Accountability
Don’t blame anyone except yourself. Your success is dependent on yourself; your failure is dependent on yourself. When you stop blaming people, you take full responsibility of the outcome. Although it may sound scary for some, it’s actually liberating and freeing.

3. Faith over fear
You need to believe more in yourself than you believe in the doubt and fear that comes with accomplishing a goal. You may feel good about your goal initially, but as time continues you find doubt creeping into your headspace. There might be a small voice in your mind that says you can’t achieve it or it’s not for you.
Tip: Take a moment and stop, be mindful of the thought, simply breath in and out deeply and repeatedly until you’ve banished it from your mind and body.

4. Inspirational material
Each day, try to seek out one source of inspiration. It can be a podcast, book, video, or a person. Follow someone who has similar goals to you and use them as motivation. It’s easy to be hard on yourself and forget your true potential. Listening to motivational material is a great reminder of your potential and an excellent way to keep you focused.

5. Practice mindfulness
With so many distractions in modern times, the human body seems to be going on autopilot for most of the day. For example, you might be eating mindlessly in front of the TV without noticing the taste of the food or the amount you are putting in your body. This zombie like state does nothing for your personal development. Practice mindfulness by being in the moment.
Tip: Take a breath, become aware of your senses, focus on the task or moment at hand. Allow any worries, distractions, or anxieties to fall away. Savor the moment, this moment is your life!