4 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Fat

It can be frustrating when you have seen yourself plateau in losing fat. There are a multitude of reasons why you are not losing fat at the desired rate. Of course, you should be following a healthy lifestyle comprised of regular physical activity and a relatively clean and whole diet. If you are staying away from junk food majority of the time and you are training at the gym without seeing the results you would like to see, try implementing these strategies into your regular routine. It is very important to remain consistent; you can’t expect results after a few trials.


1. You don’t monitor what you eat
You may go throughout your day eating your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and some snacks along the way. But do you really know how much you’re actually consuming? Many people have no idea how much they’re intaking. Try monitoring your food intake for a week and see what the patterns are. This will give you a better idea if you’re under or overeating.

2. You don’t weight lift
Cardio can only take you so far. If strengthen your body, you will burn more calories. You do not have to do extremely heavy weights. Instead, implement a light to medium intensity lifting regiment into your workout routine.

3. Poor sleep quality
Many people overlook sleep when it comes to weight gain or loss. It plays a very big role in the big picture. Researchers state that poor sleeping habits increase your risk for obesity. Aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night.

4. Low protein intake
A high protein diet is extremely effective in melting off fat from your body. Protein is highly important for weight loss. It can speed up your weight loss process considerably. Try implementing rich protein sources for each meal you consume per day.