4 Ways To Stick To Your Health Goals

With the new year coming right around the corner, many individuals will set their goal to get more fit for the new year. Unfortunately, it’s much easier to set a goal than it is to achieve it. To achieve your health and fitness goals, you must be persistent, consistent, and honest with yourself. It may be harder said than done, but there are many ways to remain motivated and on top of your gym schedule. Don’t let your goals sit on the back burner, you can achieve what you set your mind to if you follow these tips below!


1. Accountability Partner
An accountability partner can mean many things depending on what you prefer. You should ask your family or friends if they have similar goals to you regarding health and fitness. If they do, establish them as a consistent gym buddy. Also, you can find someone with similar goals to you online or in person. Check in with each other and hold one another accountable to your goals. You can share what’s been working for you, your pain points, and successes!

2. Health & Fitness Journal
Obtain a notepad to keep as a health and fitness journal. You want to write in it on a daily basis. Record notes about your diet and workout. Write about how you feel so you can track and document what is and what isn’t working for you on this journey.

3. Reminders
Everyone these days has a smart phone. Utilize your smart phone to set alarms for different purposes. Set a reminder to eat healthy, go to the gym, or stretch. It’s nice to have little reminders throughout the day so you can remain focused.

4. Create A Schedule
Without a schedule, there is no execution plan for your goals. Without a plan, it’s likely that your 2020 goals will turn into 2021 goals. On a monthly calendar, record the days where you want to workout and most importantly, when you want to achieve your goals by.