How To Cool Down After A Workout

Warming up before you work out is very important, but cooling down after a workout does not get nearly enough attention. A proper cool down will enhance your results and help you avoid injury. As you work out, your heart rate begins to increase to a much higher level. Cooling down can get your heart rate to slowly decrease to a resting level. You need a smooth transition from a workout state to a post workout state. Follow these 5 easy steps below to cool down after your next workout.

1. Stretch it out
Focus on selecting 3 to 6 stretches to do after your workout. Make sure you are slowly guiding yourself into the stretches and taking time with your breathing. Your post stretch workout should last 5 to 15 minutes. Here are some examples of stretches you can do:
- Downward dog
- Deep lunge
- Warrior 1
- Forward fold
- Warrior 2

2. Drink some water
Hopefully you’re very sweaty after completing your workout. To avoid dehydration, consume at least one large glass of water to replenish your body. If you’re working out on a fairly consistent basis your water intake should increase.

3. Take a warm and cold shower
You should shower after your work out. Next time try alternating the water temperature in the shower from warm to cold. You can start with a cold shower and change the temperature to warm or hot temperature halfway through the shower. Fitness experts state that those who alternate water temperatures in the shower after training have a reduced heart rate and lactate levels.

4. Protein Shake
A protein shake can help with your muscle recovery after you exercise. Most protein shakes have anywhere from 20 to 40 grams of protein to help you replenish.