6 Unhealthy Habits To Drop In 2020

You can lead each day the way you want - but remember it will bleed into the next day and the one after that. Practicing good daily habits can make the difference of long-term success or failure.

Take responsibility of each moment you have because can never get a day back!


1. Losing control of emotions
Losing control of your emotions can result in disruptive anger, resentful words, ill health, and strained relationships. Here are a few ways you can keep your emotions in check:

- Be mindful: The reason why many people lose control of their emotions is because they don’t even realize how they’re acting. Being completely unaware of your emotions and actions will have negative consequences.

- Don’t react immediately when an emotion arises - allow yourself to process the feeling.

- Think big picture: If you can visualize the bigger picture, you can let go of the small triggers that disrupt your emotional balance.

2. Neglecting to drink water
The reason why you may not be drinking enough water is because of the myriad of options exhilarating your taste buds that exist. Sodas, juices, and rich coffees have replaced the most essential drink known to human history!

Tip: If you have trouble drinking enough water throughout the day - drink a full glass of water when you wake up and another a few hours before sleep,

3. Falling into the same bad familiar environment
The best way to prevent the emotional, physical, and mental flair up caused by your particular triggers is to avoid the bad environments all together. This means not going to the same spots you got into trouble, or driving past your favorite fast-food drive thru to avoid breaking your meal plan. As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind.”

4. Disregarding cause and effect
So, you arrive home late from work and you are just too exhausted to even imagine. going to the gym. After all, it was a long day. You’re not in the best mood to get your workout in.

The universe works in cause and effect. Each choice or, in this case, lack of choice creates your reality. Lace up those sneakers and go to the gym!

5. Checking social media in the morning
The first thing you do when you wake up sets the entire tone of the day. When you are first awake you are at most your impressionable mental states.

6. Delaying gratification
Just because you are not at your goal weight or shape does not give you the excuse to be hard and critical on yourself. There’s a difference between striving to be a better you or sabbatoging yourself through self-criticism and unbridled perfectionism.