Alkaline Diet: Unlocking Health Mysteries

What you eat has a great impact on your health. You become what you consume most often. It is so vital to be mindful of what you're eating. Whether you believe it or not, the diet you choose to carry through your life will impact your later years.

Have you heard of the Alkaline diet? If you've never heard of the Alkaline diet, don't stress - it is not widely discussed or talked about but it can have a myriad of benefits to your health and wellness. Robert Young wrote the book "The pH Miracle." It is based on the premise that food is medicine and has the power to heal many of the bodily ailments many individuals experience.

It is based on the idea that replacing many acid-forming foods with foods that can improve your health. Alkaline foods are characterized by foods that can alter the pH value of your body. pH is the measurement of acidity in your body. When you eat food and your body breaks it down, there is a residue left behind of the food you ate. Acidic foods leave behind a toxic waste that can harm your body while alkaline foods leave a beneficial waste behind.

pH scale of individuals:
- Acidic: 0.0 - 6.9
- Neutral: 7.0
- Alkaline (or basic): 7.1 - 14.0
Foods To Avoid:
The foods that cause acidity in your body are not part of the alkaline diet. Some of the foods you can steer clear from when following the Alkaline diet are dairy, meat, eggs, processed foods, canned items, packaged snacks, fast food, junk food, and convenient "quick" meals. Alcohol and caffeine should also be avoided. Dairy is ok if it's not sweetened or contains too many additives.

Alkaline Foods:
Fruits, vegetables, soybeans, tofu, nuts, seeds, and legumes. They can be further broken down into highly, moderately, and low alkaline foods.

High: Cucumber, kale, kelp, spinach, parsley, broccoli, sprouts, sea veggies, and green drinks.
Moderately: Avocados, peppers, mustard, cabbage, okra, green beans, garlic, tomato, lettuce, lemon, and lime.
Low: Carrots, peas, coconut oil, olive oil, flax oil, artichokes, asparagus, chives, and zucchini.

Neutral Foods:
Neutral foods that are neither alkaline or acidic are sugars, starches, and fats.