How To: Increase Your Steps

Reema Abdullah | June 25th, 2020

You can easily spend all day sitting in an office chair for hours or waiting in traffic for endless minutes. After sitting in the office chair and waiting in traffic, you may even return home to sit on your couch and watch your favorite TV series. All of this sitting causes an inactive lifestyle. Staying active is key for a long and healthy life. One easy way to remain active is to increase the steps you take throughout the day. Increasing your steps throughout the day can lead to a healthier lifestyle. You can notice many benefits such as weight loss and improved cardiovascular health.

It’s easy to increase the number of steps you take per day by incorporating these tips into your lifestyle:

1. Take the stairs
Taking the stairs rather than the escalator or elevator is a great way to build muscle and burn extra calories.

2. Park further away
No more fighting for the closest parking spot. From now on, you will directly and intently park near the back of the lot for your peace of mind and overall health.

3. Walk walk walk
Often times, we forget that there was a world that existed before cars. A store can be right around the block or on the nearest street corner – yet many individuals insist upon driving their vehicle without a second thought. Next time, if the location is a mile away and you have a bit of time to spare, take a walk!

4. Set reminders
Utilize your technology to improve your health. Set reminders on your smart phone or watch to remind you to get up and move. If a calendar works better for you, use that method.

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