All In Your Head: The Winner’s Mindset

What is a winner’s mindset? Someone who cultivates and practices a mindset that leads to success. There is nothing worse in life than to feel like you are crawling through and just getting by. You have a unique and personal desire to fulfill your innate potential.

It’s easier said than done with so many distractions. In your face that have nothing to do with your dreams. When you were a kid, you dreamed and imagined great and magnificent things. You can still dream, contrary to what some may tell you.

A winner’s mindset will take you to the next level in life, imagine yourself better at what you want to do... it would feel rather nice right?

Fear is an illusion
Remember when you were a little kid cozying up in your bed with the lights out ready to sleep. In the corner you see a shadow that resembles a scary figure. Upon investigation from mom or dad - it turns out to be a pile of clothes from your closet.

Everything you fear is just a pretend monster in your closet. True human fears pertain to life or death situations. We experience fear as an evolutionary defense mechanism, when our ancestors were exposed to dangerous animals on the land fear served them well.

When you face your fears, you grow stronger and more resilient. Resilience is defined as the ability to recover quickly from difficulties.

In life, failure is all too natural. It is not that winners never fail - they fail, learn, and move on.

Don’t dwell on mistakes
Those who dwell on mistakes are more likely to fall into a rut and become stagnant. Flow and movement symbolize life. Stagnation and immobility symbolize death. Every single day you get another opportunity to do right. Take opportunity of every single day without dragging the mistakes from your past along with you.