How To Lose The Last 10 lbs

The last 10 pounds of weight can seem like a grueling ordeal. Especially when you feel as though your current methods are no longer as effective as they once were. When you begin to hit a road block it is vital to reassess your current exercise routine and eating habits. It can seem a bit frustrating, but do not be hard on yourself. Many individuals embarking on their weight loss journey eventually reach a plateau. It is just a signal that you need to switch up your daily routine.

Food control
As you shed more pounds of weight, you may feel more comfortable to be flexible with your diet. What lead you to where you are now is an excellent diet. Why would you stop keeping up with your meal plans once you’re closer to your goals? It is a bit counter intuitive but many of us fall into this trap.

Keep a small note pad or a journal where you can record what foods you have consumed throughout the day. You can also download a fitness app onto your phone that will help you record your meals. It is vital to stay consistent with your meal plans to shed those last 10 pounds.

Cut 100 to 250 calories
To slim down more you may need to cut 100 to 250 calories from your daily intake. Be sure to make this cut from an unhealthy source. Even skimping your portions a bit can make a colossal difference.

Try new things
After a while, the routine gets boring. Trying new things is a great way to reinvigorate your body and mind. You can try going to a new gym or cooking up a new healthy recipe. It will increase your motivation which will lead to a better output.

High protein diet
Increasing your protein intake is a sure way to lose weight while still retaining that precious muscle you’ve worked hard for. There are many excellent high protein food sources such as eggs, Greek yogurt, fish, chicken, spinach, oats, almonds, and cottage cheese. Aim for at least one protein source per meal.