Boost Your Training: Top 3 Supplements

Remember the days when body builders would pump weighted curls at the gym and crack an egg on their kitchen counter to slurp up after their workout? Luckily, you do not have to force down a slimy raw egg anymore…or do you?

Although you do not need supplements to work out, it can make a big difference in how you look, feel, and perform. Supplements are essential for maximizing the results of training. Your output can be enhanced if you follow a consistent supplement routine. So if you need an extra punch to your fat cells, try incorporating these supplements to your routine after consulting with your physician:

1. Protein
Protein is one of the most vital supplements you need if you exercise at a moderate to intense level. After you work out is the best time to consume high amounts of protein because your muscles are going through a process called protein synthesis. There’s a metaphorical “gains” window so to speak. Some people even believe there is a 30-minute cut off time following their workout. Although, research studies suggest the best time to take protein is immediately after, or at least within a 2-hour time-span.

2. BCAAs
Branch chain amino acids, try saying that three times! Never mind their elusive name, BCAAs actually aid in the support of muscle retention. They can help weight loss and decrease fatigue levels following exercise. Overall, you can boost your muscle growth by taking BCAAs. The best time to take BCAAs are before a workout.

3. Creatine
Creatine is naturally found in your muscle cells. It can increase your energy reserves, making for a powerful and fat torching workout. If you find yourself feeling sluggish at the gym, a scoop of creatine prior to your workout can give you the zap of energy you need.