How To Cut Effectively

Cutting is a term widely used in the fitness community. As the term implies, cutting refers to leaning out and dropping fat so that muscle definition shines through. Many body builders, fitness fanatics, and competitors go through cycles of cutting. Regular gym goers like me and you can utilize their methods for results.

Combined with exercise, cutting can be a very effective method to get the results you are seeking.

1. Water Water Water
Up your water intake because hydration is key. An easy rule to remember is the 8 by 8 rule. Drink eight glasses of eight-ounce water each day. Especially if you exercise a lot, water is vital.

2. Cook Your Own Food
There is hidden sodium and sugar in most ready-made foods. Preparing and cooking your own food will make all the difference in your body composition. What makes up a good meal is vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean protein sources. Your taste buds will get used to home made food as well as prefer it over those heavy and fake alternatives.

3. Incorporate Cardio
20 minutes of cardio per day can create a leaner physique. Cardio such as dancing, running, walking, or cycling are excellent forms of cardio.

4. Hunger Pains
Chances are if you are cutting, you will feel hungry. Feeling hungry is a normal part of the process. In a society used to instant satisfaction and gratification, you can look at hunger as a mental and physical strength of will. In the end, you make choices that can either better you or take your further from your vision.