How To Envision Your Success

As humans, we possess senses that allow us to experience the world in a multi-layered and manner. Sight, smell, sounds, taste, and touch aid us in experiencing each day in a unique manner. Your future is comprised of the actions and choices you make today. Often times, we can easily forget that the present is the only time we have to seize for a better future. Visualizing your success is an excellent tool to effectively and efficiently keep you on track to your end goal. Many great artists, athletes, and musicians use visualization as a tool to unlock their true potential and power. A better you can begin by visualization.

Research studies on the brain reveal that thoughts produce instructions that lead to actions. Your imagination impacts the processes in your brain such as memory, attention, perception, and planning. Just as you go to the gym to train your muscles for performance or aesthetics, you can train your brain for success. The saying “seeing is believing,” has never rang truer. Here are a few tips and tricks to improve your visualization practice:

1. Write your goals down
Keep a special and specific journal or notebook for writing down your goals and desired outcome on paper. Write in a language of gratitude and excitement for your prospective future.

2. Include the details
Activate all of your senses when you are visualizing. Do no simply just see the scene in your mind’s eye, take it to the next level. Your visualizations should include the touch, taste, smells, and sounds associated with your scene or moment of success. It’s is very important not to leave the other senses out. You want to make the visualization feel as real as possible.

3. Ignore the process
It is so easy to get lost in the details and questions of the how. How will it be accomplished? How much time do I have? How much work do I need to put in? How will I know what path to take? The question of “how” can be more of a hurdle than you can imagine. Don’t focus on imagining how you will get there or what the process will look like – just focus on the end scene. Imagine the victory or the achievement of the goal, not the journey it took to get there. The path is still being written.

4. Speak it into existence
Create a prompt in which you have already achieved what you want to achieve. Write down your affirmations of success in present tense. Leave out any language that is wishful or from a place of lack. Read it out loud to yourself once or twice per day.