How To Have A Healthy Morning

Your morning sets the entire pace of your day. A good or bad morning ritual can make or break your day, especially if you have trouble overcoming a rocky start. The more you work on building solid habits at the start of your day, the more you will see an increase in your health, productivity, and efficiency of your life.

You can mix and match the suggestions listed below. On days you have more time you can add a few steps. For the days you’re running low on time incorporate only one or two of the points mentioned. You can spare and dedicate 10 to 15 minutes at least each morning to see an improvement in your life.

1. Drink water or tea
Wake your body up by rehydrating it first thing in the morning. Green tea is a great way to start the day because it can give you a boost of energy and stimulate weight loss.

2. Yoga
A ten-minute yoga stretching routine each morning can work wonders for your body. You will see an increase in your flexibility and agility if you follow these routines on a consistent basis. Yoga is an excellent way to ground yourself, destress, or prepare for the day.

3. Journal
Keep a journal by your bedside and write down 3 to 5 things you are grateful for in life.

4. Plan for the day
Write down your intention for the day or the top tasks you would like to complete. Don’t turn this into a stressful step by adding way more than you can handle. Instead, choose the tasks that will make the greatest impact once they’re complete.

5. Smile
Laughter is the best natural medicine. Read a joke or listen to a comedian to get yourself laughing fir thing in the morning.

6. Read
Read an inspiring book, interesting magazine, or informative newspaper. Knowledge is wealth. Those who amass great success and abundance in life read a few times per week.