How To Get A Slimmer Waist

It’s true that you can not spot reduce fat or lose weight in a specific, targeted area. You can perform exercises and eat in a manner to support a slimmer waist size. A slim waist has been associated with beauty and good health. These tips work for you if you’re trying to get a figure 8 shape, lose a few inches from your midsection, or increase your overall health and fitness.

- Make sure you are not overeating calories, that will make it hard for you to achieve a slimmer waist
- Avoid high sodium foods, they cause you to bloat and retain water
- Stay away from sugary and processed foods
- Increase and diversify your vegetable and fruit consumption
- Include lean protein, healthy fats, complex carbs, and nutrients in your diet
- Drink plenty of water, especially if you’re active and sweat often

Strength Training:
Consistent strength training allows you to reduce your overall body fat percentage and increase your body’s muscle ratio. In turn, your waist will be slimmer. Focus on performing exercises with high repetitions with manageable weights.

You should preform 20 to 50 minutes of cardio 3 to 5 days per week to achieve a slimmer midsection. Your cardio selection can range from walking, jogging, running, jump roping, dancing, and swimming. As long as you’re trying to fit 3 to 5 hours of cardio per week.

It may be counter intuitive, but you shouldn’t focus on working abs alone to achieve a toned waist. Ab exercises are supplementary to the steps mention previously. Here are a few good ab exercises for a slimmer waist:

- Russian twists
- Side plank
- Mountain climbers
- Bicycle crunches
- Scissor kicks