How To Set Health Goals

In order to achieve great things, you must create and follow a plan. A solid plan can make the difference between attaining your goals or remaining stagnant. We all want to excel in different aspects of our lives – especially fitness. Don’t over complicate it, settings achievable health goals can be easy with these steps below:

1. Create a Vision
Do you want to run a 5K by the end of summer? Do you want to be able to fit back into an older pair of jeans you own? Do you want to be able to bench double your current weight? What do you want to achieve? In order to make steps towards change, you must have a target you want to hit.
- Imagine yourself a few months to a year from now, where would you want to be?
- How would you like to look, feel, or perform?

2. Educate Yourself
Now that you’ve pinned down your long-term vision, what steps are involved with reaching your goal? If you want to figure out how to increase your long-distance endurance, you should seek out a seasoned runner for advice or conduct research on the internet. To achieve a goal, you must understand the steps involved.

- Conduct research or seek out an expert for advice.
- Document and create a list of the necessary steps to become successful in your goal.

3. Create a Timeline
You don’t just jump from point A to Z. There are steps in between you must consider and consistently conquer. You should break up the end goal into a mixture of long-term and short-term goals. It’s important to be honest and evaluate yourself in way that will not self-sabotage. If you’re slacking, be honest about it and pick up the pace!

- Create long-term goals and work your way down to the initial step you must take.
- Develop short-term goals for each week, broken into daily action items.
- Check in with yourself at the end of each week.

4. Hold yourself accountable
There is a saying that goes, “discipline creates certainty.” It’s nice to have all your plans on paper, but you must act towards your goals daily, always fight for your vision! Create a system in which you’re actively completing and checking off goals. This will include a lot of documentation, get a journal for your health and fitness endeavors. Record daily what your pain points were, what you achieved, and where you’re hoping to move onto next.

Be patient and don’t be too critical of yourself. Often times, the journey is more vital than the end result – even if it doesn’t feel like it as you’re going through the process! Nothing worthwhile comes easy. You will feel a deep sense of respect for yourself and gratification for achieving what you set your heart and mind to. The hard work, sweat, and tears are wroth it in the end.