How To Train Like A Soldier

Military is known for being in shape and physically active. Between activities like running, push-ups, and swimming – there is no wonder why the military branches stay in tip top shape. Through the years, military training has evolved and changed. In the different branches of the military, there are several physical requirements an aspiring solider must meet.

Military basic training lasts around 10 weeks. During these 10 weeks, individuals are pushed to their mental and physical limits in order to build strength and resilience. The recruits are equipped with the experience to weather physical, mental, and emotional elements of service.

If you wish to try the training of a military personnel, read the prompts below:

Fitness exercises:

Start with your arms shoulder width apart and slowly lower yourself to the ground, test how many you can perform in 60 seconds

With your feet firmly planted on the ground, perform your maximum amount of sit-ups in 60 seconds

Many people struggle with pull ups, just try and see where you can get in 60 seconds

Attempt to run 2 miles as fast as you can

Typically, 100 meters is the mark utilizing any stroke you desire without touching the sides or bottom of the pool

Military Nutrition:
The purpose of military nutrition is to maintain health and support a high level of physical performance.

The goal with military nutrition is to build lean muscle mass which requires a high protein, low fat diet. Some of the foods that can aid you in achieving this diet are: fish, beans, whole grain pasta, egg whites, low fat yogurt, and skim milk. Avoid fried items, processed foods, excess sweets, and unhealthy fats to obtain maximum results.