Why Do We Gain Weight As We Age

Many individuals will reminisce upon their glory days where they had an insane physique. You may know a family member, friend, or colleague who often looks back in wonder at their “high school” body. It is no secret that as we age it can become increasingly more difficult to maintain a lean and healthy physique. There are ways to maintain and even improve your physique as the years pass on.


Harder To Lose Weight As You Age
Your metabolism becomes slower as you age. This is commonly due to your metabolism slowing down as you get older. It’s easier to have more fat and less muscle. For some reason, people choose to become less active as they age.

Stay Active
Just because you get older doesn’t mean you need to stop being as active as you were. Another reason individuals are heavier as they age is because they are less active than in youth. Do you remember how active you were in childhood? Why not carry that attitude (to a lesser degree) into adulthood and old age? Aim to get 30 minutes to an hour of activity per day.

Stick To Smaller Portions
How much food is too much? Research studies show that most of us are actually consuming much more than we actually need. Excess fat that is not used is stored as extra energy in adipose tissue all over you body in the form of triglycerides. Small amounts are actually stored in your liver and muscles as glycogen. Ask yourself, are you eating more food than you require to function throughout the day?

If you have a job where you are constantly sitting down and getting very little activity for 6+ hours per day, it might be a time to reconsider how many calories you need to consume each day for the sake of your health.

Tip: Fill half of your plate or more with vegetables because they’re very filling