Mind Over Matter: Ins & Outs

Many of the great athletes, thinkers, and innovators of their time have overcome their personal circumstances to excel in their field. Although they have varied in their lines of work and industry, the thing they had in common was their ability to see beyond their circumstance to fulfill their personal vision.


Not only is it inspiring to read and hear the accounts of their trials, many of the tips and mindset traits can be applied to your day to day life. Eventually, with enough persistence, application, and practice these traits can become second nature

Mind comes from Old English meaning ‘memory, thought’ its root meaning ‘revolve in the mind, think.’

1. Set Your Intention
Intention has the power to change your life. Your words can create your reality. Create a phrase or mantra you can repeat to yourself that will remind you of your goals and vision.

2. Change Your Routine
Throwing a random habit into your routine can completely change your life. Switch out one bad habit for a good habit.

3. Do What You Can
Many people believe change has to be one big transformation. It is one step at a time. Get up and reorganize your room, go for a walk in your neighborhood, and finish those errands you have been putting off. Try it, you will feel a lot better.

4. Believe
Belief is the ingredient for success. Belief is synonymous with faith. Have faith in yourself and accept yourself as you are. Belief doesn’t require proof, it requires acceptance.

5. Visualize
Imagination is the key to success. Visualization is often referred to as mental rehearsal. Take time out each day to imagine the best-case scenario in situations you are currently faced with.
1. Set a timer for a minute
2. Close your eyes
3. Imagine the best-case scenario
4. Involve your senses: taste, smell, sound, touch, vision