Muscle Building: At Home

With gyms and recreational facilities being shut down, building muscle has can be a bit tricky. If you don’t have an at home gym, don’t fret – you can utilize your body weight and other miscellaneous objects present in your home. Just because you’re in a peculiar time doesn’t mean your present gains and 2020 resolutions can go to waste! You can’t always pick the circumstances and time you’re given, but you can decide what to do with that time.

It’s never too late to become stronger, fitter, and more flexible. It doesn’t matter if you are in your 20s, 30s, 40, or even 60s. You can take steps today towards a healthier lifestyle.

Benefits Of Strength Training
Besides being able to lift heavy objects and show off to your friends, the benefits of strength training include:
- Protects bone & health muscle mass
- Make you stronger and fitter
- Increase your balance
- Easier to maintain a healthy body weight
- Promotes an aesthetically pleasing physique
- Improves body mechanics

Here are some of the ways you can promote and maintain muscle development during the corona virus lockdown period. If you don’t have any dumbbells to utilize and can’t pick up any from the store, you can use household objects such as gallons of water, cans, and even your laundry detergent. Be creative!

Living-room friendly workout moves:
- Push-ups
- Lunges
- Planks
- Hip Thrusts
- Curls
- Chest Fly’s
- Squats
- Sumo squats
- Side squat
- Backward lunge

All of these exercises when combined with weight can promote an increase in strength and higher muscle ratio.

Foods that support muscle:
- Eggs, tuna, Greek yogurt, spinach, protein shakes, protein bars, shrimp, soy beans, & lean beef