Power Of Belief: Mind & Body

Power Of Belief: Mind & Body

Belief is defined as an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. Trust, faith, and confidence all go hand in hand with belief. Believe it or not, the power of belief can have a colossal impact on your life. The root of “believe” stems from Latin. It has a variety of English vocabulary words to describe its origin such as credit, credo, and credentials. Believe also has roots from old German, meaning trust. As you can see, belief is the beginning of confidence, trust, and faith. All of these qualities are an essential component for success and self-esteem.

Belief is associated with hope, optimism, purpose, and connectedness. Positive emotions have a positive effect on your health. Your existence is a synthesis between the emotional, mental, and spiritual states. When this trinity is united in positivity and belief – the challenges and difficulties through life can always be overcome.


Countless research studies prove that individuals who have a spiritual or religious belief are actually healthier than the latter. To be clear, it does not have to be a certain religion or dogma – rather, the power of believing in something greater in itself seems to have a positive effect. Belief is not exclusive to religion and spirituality, one of the greatest beliefs you can cultivate in your life time is belief in yourself.

When an individual possesses belief, they are more likely to have a positive outlook on a given situation or circumstance. Time and time again, studies prove that the power of belief can almost give a placebo-like effect.


How To Cultivate Belief:
1. All is mental
In moments of stress or despair, it is essential to remain confident and enthusiastic. Especially in the face of great obstacles, these are the tests in which either build or break your belief. There is always a positive out of any situation you can extract.

2. Join a group
Whether your belief is of spiritual or religious roots, community has always been a foundation of belief.

3. Cultivate awareness
In order for you to overcome the negative mental blocks that occur again and again, awareness must be practiced with care and emphasis.

4. Visualize
Every day you can visualize the end result you wish to possess. Whether it’s losing 30 pounds or finishing a 5k run – visualization can be an excellent tool to destabilize you. Win in your mind first!