Super Powders

The super powders you’re aware of may be coffee. It’s that dark brown zingy powder that gives you a quick energy boost. There is a whole world of powders that can be used for beauty, mood, energy, and overall wellbeing. They come in varying colors and textures.

Powders with superlative qualities have been used in rituals, ancient civilizations, and royals around the world throughout history.

Excess stress in our day to day lives causes a buildup of cortisol which is the cause of fat build up around our belly area and can store extra energy as cholesterol. Stress is a big contributor to various diseases. It may have you craving sugar, carbs, fats, and salt.

If you find yourself burnt out, tired, and lacking energy you may be suffering from adrenal fatigue. Many of us are juggling way too many things. Especially during a time of a pandemic, it’s important to keep your energy levels boosted and your immune system up high.

Also known as “intelligent” plants - you may need to incorporate some adaptogens into your life. This group of foods helps your body adapt to stress. Adaptogens can also be commonly named as tonic herbs for their healing properties.

Schisandra berries: several compounds in these berries help reduce hunger, thirst, and exhaustion

For Beauty:
Eleuthro, holy basil, rhodiola

For Stimulation:
Read Asian ginseng, rhodiola, white Asian ginseng

For Exhaustion:
Asian ginseng, American ginseng, cordyceps

If you’re wondering what is ginseng, it’s the root of plants from the genus panax family. They contain superlative health qualities such as boosting your immune system, assisting in erectile issues, lowering blood sugar, and improving brain function.

Positive effects of adaptogens:
- Belly fat reduction
- Increase in libido
- Cravings reduced
- Lean muscle mass boost
- Energy level increase
- Overall calmness