Waist Trainer: Pros & Cons

If you have a presence on social media platforms like Instagram, twitter, or Facebook you have seen the waist trainer. It goes by different names such as waist trainer, corset, or fitness trainer. It is usually an elastic material that hugs your waist tightly. It has columns of clips you can adjust the tightness from a larger to smaller fit depending on your needs. These items have been worn by many celebrities and boasted over by social media influencers. How effective is the actual waist trainer? Below you can explore the pros and cons before making a decision for yourself.



1. Weight Loss
A waist trainer can assist in appetite suppression. Appetite suppression leads to a caloric deficit from your usual intake which can result in weight loss.

2. Posture
The waist trainer does a great job at keeping your core and back upright. Typically, if you are wearing a waist trainer you must remain in an upright position with your shoulders back.

3. Hourglass
The hourglass figure has been praised for many decades. Think of famous figures like Marilyn Monroe, her curves were a symbol of a beautiful feminine figure. The waist trainer can assist you in creating a curvy figure, especially if you’re a boxy body type.


1. Discomfort
Wearing a waist trainer can lead to discomfort, shallow breathing, and sweating. It can be very uncomfortable depending on the occasion and time you wear the waist trainer. You shouldn’t exceed more than 2 hours of corset training per day.

2. Weak Core
Wearing your waist trainer too often can be bad for your core muscles. If your core becomes too dependent on the waist trainer for support, this can reduce your core strength and muscular composition in that area.