4 Common Gym Mistakes

There are many ways to go right at the gym, but there are also many ways to go wrong! If you have just started training at the gym, it’s normal to experience a few of errors here and there. After all, we all had to go through that awkward learning phase at the gym. If you can bypass those errors, it’s much better for you in the end. Wouldn’t you rather avoid injury and move closer to your goals?


1. Carrying your phone
If you come to the gym, you should be there to work out – not browse your phone whilst sitting on a machine. You’re doing yourself a disservice by carrying it around with you and checking it often. During your exercises, you want to increase your heart rate to a safe level and work up a sweat to burn calories. Checking your phone creates too much downtime between sets. It’s very easy to get distracted and watch time pass whilst on your phone. You won’t get an optimal workout with that distraction.

2. One muscle group
You should not be at the gym to work on one muscle group alone! Sure, each person has their favorite muscle group they want to exercise more often than the others. This habit creates a strength imbalance within your body, and it will look aesthetically disproportionate. It’s okay to have a favorite muscle group, but don’t get carried away by doing glutes or arms too often.

3. No plan
It is easy to say you’re going to commit to going to the gym for 3 to 5 days out of the week. Will you follow through? Planning your workout dates in a notebook or agenda will remind you of your commitment and it will help you work towards that goal. If you make time for something, you will do it! So, go ahead and pencil in the dates and times of your gym routine on a weekly basis.

4. Warm up
Too often, people completely skip or put poor effort into their warmup. The warmup period is extremely important because it prevents injury and increases flexibility over time. Before jumping into your exercise, partake in 10 to 15 minutes of a moderately paced warmup routine. Your routine should be a full body warmup to ensure that no areas are missed.