Increase Overall Body Strength

A strong body will increase the quality of your life. Increasing your overall strength will allow your body to become more flexible. It can help maintain bone density and significantly improve your balance. We use our muscles and strength to aid us in our daily activities. You use your strength as you lift weights, walk up the stairs, dance, or walk up a hill. Working on your strength can help reduce the rate of bone and muscle deterioration that comes with age. There are many different ways you can build up your strength at the gym and in the kitchen.

1. Add Weights
You should incorporate weightlifting into your exercise routine if you want to see improvements in your strength. You shouldn’t start off with weights that are too light or too heavy. Pick weights that will allow you to perform 12 repetitions 3 to 5 times. You should seek out movements that will work your upper body and lower body in isolation.
Tip: Dedicate different days out of the week to certain muscle groups.

2. Full Body Exercises
Full body exercises work multiple muscle groups at the same time. They’re great for building overall body strength. Some examples of full body exercises include squats, deadlift, lunges, and pushups.

3. Eat
You need the proper amount of fuel before you start working out. Be sure to eat a light meal or snack before you begin exercising. You should also focus on consuming adequate amounts of water for your activity levels. You should also consume a high protein food source after your workout.
Tip: A high protein post workout food could be a protein shake, hardboiled eggs, jerky, or tuna.

4. Include Cardio
Cardio cannot be overlooked when it comes to increasing your body strength. You should incorporate 20 minutes of cardio into your routine.