Probotic Super Foods

Reema Abdullah | September 15th, 2020

Gut health is very important. An unhealthy gut will have a negative impact on your body’s immune system, mood, sleep patterns, digestion, and heart health. Your gut is responsible for breaking down the foods you consume on a regular basis. Nutrient absorption is another one of the gut’s functions. Issues ranging from hormonal imbalance to unstable mental health can be linked back to your gut. As you can see, your gut has a lot of tasks that are essential for your physical, mental, and emotional health. It’s never too late to get your gut health on track by incorporating these 7 foods into your diet.

1. Greek Yogurt
Greek yogurt contains natural probiotic cultures that strengthen your gut. It’s also an excellent source of protein.

2. Kombucha
You may have seen this drink being sold at your local grocery store. Kombucha is a fizzy, fermented tea. It contains beneficial bacteria and yeast that will support your gut.

3. Kimchi
A traditional dish of Korea, kimchi is fermented cabbage. It’s often served with side dishes for its salty and tart flavors.

4. Olives
Olives come in a variety of colors such as black, green, and red. They’re an excellent source of beneficial bacteria for your gut.

5. Kefir
Kefir contains high amounts of probiotics and nutrients. It’s a fermented milk beverage that is slightly similar to yogurt.

6. Miso
Miso is a famous Japanese seasoning comprised mainly of soybeans and other ingredients. One of its most popular forms is miso soup. Not only will it improve your gut health, it has been linked to reducing the risk of stroke and cancer.

7. Sauerkraut
There are many beneficial probiotics found in sauerkraut. It can help improve the lining of your gut and fight against bodily inflammation. It’s best not to cook this fermented food to avoid killing the probiotic benefits.

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