5 Teas Containing Amazing Health Benefits

You might be a coffee addict, but when’s the last time you have considered drinking tea? Teas have been consumed for many centuries for their deliciousness and astounding health benefits. Tea originated in China where it was used as a medicinal drink for its myriad of healing qualities. Not only is it easy and low cost to make, it has benefits ranging from weight loss to reduced risks of cancer. There are many different types of teas that differ in color and taste, but they all have their own unique health benefits.


1. Green Tea
Green tea can help you burn fat and lose weight. Green tea is rich in antioxidants which can help reduce your risk of cancer. It’s excellent for killing harmful bacteria which can lower your risk of infection. If you’re consistently working out at the gym and eating healthy, try incorporating green tea into your daily routine.

2. Peppermint Tea
Not only can peppermint tea leave you with fresh smelling breath, it contains a myriad of health benefits. It has the ability to reduce bloating and gas. It’s a great supplement for your digestive symptoms.

3. Chamomile Tea
This tea can help you sleep and relax. Research proves that chamomile tea can aid in lowering blood sugar for individuals suffering from diabetes if it’s used as a supplement to existing medication.

4. Ginger Tea
Next time you’re travelling consider preparing a cup of ginger tea. Motion sickness and nausea can be alleviated through ginger tea! Ginger can help when you have the common cold because it eases the congestion.

5. Jasmine Tea
Jasmine tea is great for boosting energy. It can help relieve stress and improve your immune system. Like green tea, jasmine tea may be able to aid in weight loss. 2